1. Summary. Rutgers University Libraries (RUL) provides current Rutgers faculty members, graduate students, and staff with access to two open-source content management systems (CMSs) widely used by the digital humanities (DH) community: WordPress and Omeka. The purpose of this service is to support researchers in the creation of collaborative, web-based multimedia compositions. Sites may be requested for scholarly purposes, including but not limited to course-related blogs and discussion groups, digital exhibits, and research projects. To date, these two platforms have been used to create digital projects that accompany humanities dissertations, undergraduate coursework, research internships and fellowships, and departmental blogs.
  2. Scope. Sites may be requested by current Rutgers faculty, staff, and students involved in cross-disciplinary research and teaching.
  3. Requesting sites. Interested faculty, students, or staff contact the appropriate digital humanities library liaison for their campus to request a site (New Brunswick: Francesca Giannetti, Newark: Krista White, Camden: Zara Wilkinson, RBHS: Robert Vietrogoski). The DH liaisons act as mediators between the site requester and RUL Integrated Information Systems (IIS). See Memorandum of Understanding between Partner (site requester) and RUL.
  4. Setting up sites. The DH liaison librarian conducts an interview via email with the site requester to discuss the project title, public URL, and any desired functionality and appearance for the site. The DH liaison helps to identify plugins and themes corresponding to the desired site features in consultation with RUL IIS. Upon completion of the initial DH liaison/IIS consultation, IIS sets up the site and installs vetted themes and plugins.
  5. Copyright and FERPA. Site requesters and student participants are provided with information regarding their rights and responsibilities regarding copyright and FERPA.
  6. Support. RUL IIS provides support related to the installation, storage, backup, and user access to sites.
  7. Periodic Review. Sites are reviewed for continued support or retirement on a semester-to-semester basis. Sites that have not had login activity in the previous six months are retired and an exported copy of the site may be given to the site owner, upon request, for personal archiving. Continued site hosting, e.g., for continuing courses or ongoing informal research, is available and may be requested in advance.