Doing Labor History Online - Poster

Wednesday, October 27th, 1-3 PM (virtual)

Doing Labor History Online: Digital Humanities Skills and Projects


Andrew Gomez | Associate Professor of History, University of Puget Sound
Tobias Higbie | Professor of History; Faculty Chair, Labor Studies; Associate Director, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, UCLA
Vilja Hulden | Instructor, History, University of Colorado, Boulder

What can the field of digital humanities offer to labor historians and scholars in labor studies? How do online mediums provide new opportunities for making academic research on work, class, and political economy, accessible to public audiences beyond the classroom? How can digital humanities methodologies, and corresponding tools, algorithms, and approaches, reveal new dimensions about how work has been experienced and governed? In this workshop, a panel of labor historians and digital humanists will explore these questions and more. During the first half of the workshop, the invited speakers will share their perspectives on how labor history and the digital humanities intersect. The second half of the workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to present their own ideas and work in progress, and the chance to receive focused feedback.

The workshop will take place online. To join the event, please click here.

Advance readings for the workshop can be accessed here.