On March 23, 2023, we held our third or fourth Digital Humanities Showcase (depending on how you count), resurrecting an old tradition of gathering the Rutgers DH community, plus friends, to share their findings on a range of topics under the “big tent.”1 In the interest of keeping the conversation going, I am sharing this year’s program, with slides linked where I have the authors’ permission. For the institutional historians among you, be sure to compare it to the 2014 program, and to those of the intervening years, represented by the gallery below. Enjoy!

2023 Program

Lightning Round

“Expanding Family Ties: Digital Storytelling Tools & Digital Exhibits” (RU login required)
Natalie Saldarriaga, Community Historian, Raíces Cultural Center

“The New Jersey Folk Podcast”
Maria Kennedy, Co-Director, New Jersey Folk Festival and Assistant Teaching Professor, American Studies

“Digital Histories: The Changing Relationships of Rutgers to Digital Technologies, Mediums, and Practices”
Andy Urban, American Studies & History Departments

“The Black Bibliography Project and Working with Linked Data”
Tajah Ebram, Black Studies Librarian, New Brunswick Libraries

“Editing the War Service Bureau: Rutgers a Century Ago” (RU login required)
Madiha Abdul Maajid, Bachelor of Science student, Computer Science

Seeding New Projects

“Divine Networks: An Interactive Visualization of Dante’s Comedy”
Maria Teresa De Luca and Paolo Scartoni, PhD candidates, Italian

“Civil and Labor Rights in the Southwest: A Digital History of the United Packinghouse Workers of America” (RU login required)
Sam Hege, PhD candidate, History

Campesino Oral Histories in the Norte del Cauca: Constructing a Digital Archive for Popular Education” (RU login required)
Alexander Liebman, PhD candidate, Geography

“Colombia’s Popular Healers: Past and Present”
Lisette Varón-Carvajal, PhD candidate, History

“Photogrammetry and the Creation of Low-Cost, Assessable Digital Collections”
Lauren Neitzke Adamo, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Director of the Rutgers Geology Museum

“Human-friendly Zotero Data Management: Use Case with ZotFile extension and Google Drive”
Jeongeun Park, PhD student, History

Edison Papers Panel

“Incorporating Linked Data into Digital Scriptorium”
Ben Bakelaar, Thomas Alva Edison Papers

“The Edison Papers and the Internet Archive”
Paul Israel and Monica Genuardi, Thomas Alva Edison Papers

“JSTOR’s Juncture Tool for Visual Exhibits”
Nicole Wines, Erin Mustard, and Mia De Angelis, Thomas Alva Edison Papers

  1. The first allusion to “big tent digital humanities” was the ADHO 2011 Digital Humanities Conference, due in some measure to some controversial and divisive gate keeping happening at earlier conferences.↩︎